ON1BES Labo 2015        LTC 1799 1-30 MHz Generator

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Simple generator with the LTC1799 (Conrad electr.)

Not the best circuit to build, but it 's very simple to make a square wave from 1 to 30MHz.

Schematic :

Click right on figure and 'save as'
It 's possible to improve the output power. Just add a ERA2 or BF494 on the output.
Can be usefull to be a part of make an antenna analyzer ( is on the Internet ).
The LTC1799 is SMD, so it is appart mounted on a small convertor-board, that is stickit on a 8-pin IC food on a bigger circuit board.
First a 74HC04 was used (photo) to increase power output. This is ommitted in a later stage because the fase-noice.
Better use a ERA2 or BF494.

Circuitboard :

Downloads :

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