Operator Herman
QRV on 70 cm


QTH-Locator: JO21CE

Index :

  My collection of old radio's :
 Old Radios
  DVB-T Antenna :
 DVB-T 550 MHz Fractal Antenna
  SDR Software :
 SDR RTL Spectrum Analyzer Software
  Before you go into SDR :
 SDR: you should know this (external link)
 SDR interference and solutions
 READ THIS FIRST: SDR Antenna Considerations
  Antenna's for SDR:
 SDR: Two Modified Stock Antenna's (indoor)
 SDR: PA0FBK VHF/UHF (Dualband 2m-70cm) Antenna
 SDR: Wide-Band VHF-UHF Antenna DR2000 (test)
  SDR Mini-Whip antenna's :
  HF Mini-Whip Basic Antenna and de-noising (2022)
  HF Mini-Whip non-smd small Antenna v1.1
  HF Mini-Whip improved smd Antenna v1.2
  HF Mini-Whip smd improved small Antenna v1.3
  Other SDR Antenna's:
  End-Fet Antenna for the HF Bands ( New )

  Double Magnetic Loop Antenna for the HF Bands ( New )

  SDR HF Up-converters (0-30 MHz) :
 RTL-SDR Basic HF UP-Converter V1.0
 RTL-SDR Mini HF UP-Convertor V3.0
 RTL-SDR USB HF UP-Convertor V5.0 ( New )
  Other Projects :
  DDS Generator 1-60 MHz for cheap AD9850 Module
  Making the OZ2CPL HF Power meter
  Make your own coils for VHF-UHF
  Digital Zener Diode Tester 0 - 30 Volt ( New )
  Kruidvat Radio and a DRM Mixer
  Kruidvat Radio + Tune LED
  Gel battery charger with anti-sulphation
  Simple 1-30 MHz Generator with a LTC1799
  The on1bes Toko Coil & Watch Crystal Tester ( Updated )
  LC Meters :
 Improved L and C Meter with PIC16F628 (Update 2021)
 Elektor Pico-C / frequency and period meter
  LABO :
  Calculate you antenna lenght
  Calculate undefined SMD Coils in nH
  Measure with a Varicap adapter
  Testing Zeners
  FET Specials :
 Two FET Testers
 FET Oscillators
 FET HF opamps
  Microcontroller : Atmel & AVR :
 AT89C2051 Testboard
 AT89C2051 Programmer (obsolete)
 AVR ATTiny 2313 Test Board
 AT89C2051 IR Decoder with Relais
  Microcontroller PIC µP Pages :
 PIC µP controller families
 Modified Serial PIC µP JDM Progammer

  My first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 anno 1980 !
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